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2008 Images are now up

Had a chance this afternoon (during the summer heat) to upload a bunch of images to the blog.

All of the 2008 images are now up in the gallery. I could not load all of the images due to size restrictions (and the fact that I have a lot more to go) but the best of the images are online.

Hope that you enjoy them. Now onto 2009…


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After many days… the 2014 calendar is up

There was no movement at the station for no prunes had passed around….

But I digress; with thanks to the dogged determination of Mark I now have the 2014 calendar online for those of you who’d like to print a copy of it for your wall. Or the roof, or where ever you find room and time to hang it.

To download any of our calendars, go to the Calendars page, and either click or do a right click thing and choose to save the link for the 2014 MoB Calendar.

The thing will download (it is rather big so for those of you on the end of a very thin internet pipe it may take a while) and then you can save it, or print it, or simply stare adoringly at it. Enjoy.


Andrew Martin

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