August Newsletter Uploaded – more articles needed…

28 Jul

G’day everyone;

The August 2014 (Issue 163 no less) has been put online tonight. We’re a little light on for articles (and I am as much to blame as anyone else) at the moment. So it is time to dig through the volume of stuff you’ve had tucked away since 4th grade and pass it along to the Prof. We need articles on any and all modelling subjects.

Need some ideas?

Well think on some of these topics and help the newsletter out.

  • Tools, what they are, and how you use them
  • History, about your favourite aircraft, pilot, tank, train, boat, ship, building, etc
  • Photography, and using the camera and software that you use to take great model photographs
  • A build article (these can be multi-part) on your current model in progress
  • Do you have a favourite modeller? Tell us about him or her.
  • Found a really good model shop, let us know and give us some information about the joint

If you’ve got other ideas that’s great too. Send them to the Prof. If you need to know his email address, or need to get files to him let us know on this page.

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