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A tip has been added to the site

Interested in creating your own Zimmerit for WW2 German armour.


Read this quick tip to find out how one club member does it.

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Updating Athearn Blue Box Railbox XAF 10 cars

Originally posted on the Hunter Valley Lines blog

Andrew's Trains

 Part 1 – No plan survives first contact with the enemyThe basic blue box car

It has been some time since I’ve had the funds or the time really to do much of anything in the modelling realm.

I’ve simply not had the funds to bring a lot of the work I’ve had underway forward to completion. Thanks to the Taxman and a payout due to being laid off, I’ve been able to order some extra parts to complete most of my Railbox cars.

The most important of all of the parts has been a set of Microscale decals.

i ordered these from Microscale in the US and very quickly in the post I received 3 packets of Microscale (87-1291) HO scale RBOX & ABOX decals. Microscale’s service was fast and excellent after ordering directly from their website. They decal two cars of each type and come with all of the car data you need for the…

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Simple Chipping Techniques – by ScaleModelMedic

There is one, but not the only one, benefit of being without a job, and that is that you get to spend some time working on your hobbies – if you are lucky enough to be able to.

In zooming around the internet (primarily YouTube) I’ve been finding some great videos, and channels. So I thought that I might share some of these with you over the remainder of my period of unemployment.

The Scale Model Medic’s channel features some really good content.

As a railway modeller the one that really took my eye was the paint chipping video embedded below.

I hope that you enjoy the video. Gives me some great ideas for some upcoming paint jobs.


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December 2014 meeting is on this Saturday – UPDATED

The final meeting of the year for the MoB is on this Saturday, December 6th 2014.

Come one, come all.

You’ll find us at the Koohinor Centre, corner of Sebastopol Street and Errard Street, Ballarat VIC 3350. Take a look on the lower right side of the page for a map.

Start time is 6:30 PM, earlier than normal this month due to the Pizza Fest. If you are interested in bringing something along to share, please do so.

We are not one of “those” clubs who judge each others work with a critical eye. We’re simply a bunch of people with a love of modelling that want to share our love of the craft with others. Once a year we get all the models out and raise money for charity.

So if you can come along this Saturday night, and have never been before drop in and say Hello, or Hoorooh, or whatever your informal choice of greeting is. We’ll be happy to see you.

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