1:35 brick

01 Jul

One of my railroad buddies was mucking around with ideas he’d read as a boy the other day. Using cardboard, and paint he made this very realistic 1/35th scale piece of brickwork. Ballarat’s cold as charity right now, and if you’ve nothing else to do, it might be the time to give this method a try.

Prince Street

I remember reading the articles on how to make model buildings, stretched across a great number of Model Railway Constructor magazines, back in the early 1980’s. An uncle had passed down a couple of decades worth of these to my Dad and I just read and re-read each one. Each month’s magazine’s article was focussed on one aspect of making model buildings in 4mm scale. The models and methods were those in use at the Pendon Museum.

I thought the articles amazing. I’d never read anything that covered making models in such great detail and it would have been impossible to not be inspired by them. Further inspiration came from the humble materials used in each, such as: thread, cardstock, paper, and like materials that one should be able to find around the house. I’ve since had the good fortune to collect even more books and magazines that describe the…

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