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The November newsletter is now online

November’s newsletter is online

The MoB newsletter is online for November 2015. You can find it under the newsletter tab from the menu at the top of the page.

We need more articles

But we really need some content. It looks like the Prof has run out of articles, even of Mach 2 kits. It is a crisis. It is time to get writing all. Let’s give the Prof a Christmas present, a stocking full of articles that he can pop in for December’s issue and for the first few months of next year.

I am as guilty as anyone else. I’ll be writing earnestly to give some weight to the newsletter. I hope you’ll help out too.

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It’s MoBvember!

Howdy campers!

It’s that time once more (not to clean your toe-nails) when the MoBsters gather round for fun and adoration of all things polystyrene, wood, metal, and anything else that you can come up to model with. This Saturday evening, being the 7th day of November, in the year of 2015, you should avail yourself of the company of like-minded modellers at the Kohinoor Community Centre, on or about 7:30 PM.

You can get there earlier if your craving for styrene simply cannot be stilled. But not like the Tuesday before, that would be silly. Say maybe a half hour earlier. You could come on the Tuesday before, but you’d be in for a long weight (that’s an apprentice-appropriate joke not a spelling error btw).

See you there.

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