The Modellers of Ballarat are a diverse group of central Victorian’s scale modellers who meet monthly in Ballarat Victoria to share modelling tips, finished models, current works in progress and a sense of humour. The Modellers of Ballarat (MOB) is an incorporated association and operated under the model rules presented in the Associations Incorporation Regulations, 1998.

What we do

We get together each month to show our models (finished and in progress) – see Monthly Meetings below. Additionally each year we aim to hold an annual show which raises money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Australia. The annual show is usually held during April each year.

Office Bearers

For the 2019/20 membership year office the club bearers are:

  • President: Mark Pilbeam
  • Vice President: Sean Haley
  • Treasurer: Kevin Williams
  • Number 3: Gary Zimmer
  • Number 4: Rod Payne
  • Secretary: Steve Pulbrook
  • Newsletter Editor: Alec Wicks

Addresses for correspondence



Modellers of Ballarat Inc

Box 1141, Ballarat, Mail Centre, Bakery Hill, Victoria 3354

Editorial Address for correspondence

  • Modellers of Ballarat Inc, Box 1141, Ballarat, Mail Centre, Bakery Hill, Victoria 3354
  • Email:

Interested in becoming a member?

Club Membership Fees:(1 July to 30 June following year)

  • Single adult $30
  • Junior $15
  • Associate (Newsletter only, on approval from the committee) $15

Annual membership fees for the new financial year are due and payable from 1 July of the year. Please note that memberships are payable before the first meeting of the financial year. If you do not pay you cannot vote at the Annual General Meeting
(Note: New members who join during or after April and pay full membership are members until the end of the following financial year and do not need to pay again at the end of the current financial year. Fees may be paid in instalments with the agreement of the Treasurer.)

Monthly Meetings

  • Held the first Saturday of every month from February to December (There is no meeting in January)
  • Doors open at around from around 7:00pm (or when someone with the key shows up); while the actual (business part of the) meeting starts at 8.00 sharp (mostly)
  • We meet at the Eastwood Leisure Centre, 20 Eastwood St, Ballarat Central VIC 3350 (Right behind Woolworths and Coles in central Ballarat)


Any views expressed in the articles in the MOB Newsletter are not to be taken to be those of the club or its members as a whole unless expressly stated. Accordingly, any concerns about any articles should be addressed to the writer of the article and/or the Newsletter editor who will pass them on to the relevant person.


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  1. Wayne Eagles

    December 6, 2016 at 8:17 am

    Hi Andrew, can you include the MOB’s email address on this page instead of a postal address



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