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I work as a tram driver in Melbourne Australia. In my copious free time I'm passionate about helping people design, build and operate their model railway layouts.

Site update – 05 October 2019 – Newsletter uploads and it MoB time again.


Quick note to remind you that

  1. October’s MoB meeting is on this weekend, 05/10/2019. Same bat time, same bat channel.
  2. the newsletter has been uploaded to the site too (we’ve reached Issue 220 of Modelmaker. That’s quite a result for our club). A well done to all involved.

See you tonight.


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Newsletters uploads up to date

MoB is on again this Saturday night and to ensure that we have all of the current newsletters available I’ve uploaded all 2019 issues up to September 2019.

See you Saturday night.



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2019 newsletters uploaded

Hi all;

Doing some long overdue maintenance to the site and I’ve uploaded the current 2019 newsletters to the site.

Members can now access February, March and April newsletters by:

  1. Hovering your mouse pointer over the NEWSLETTER heading (at the top the page),
  2. Scrolling down to 2019 at the bottom of the list and clicking your mouse,
  3. Entering your secret squirrel password (using your secret agent decoder ring), and
  4. Clicking on the issue link that you’d like to read or download

As always our newsletters are provided in PDF format so you’ll need a reader to open the files. There are many, including those included in the better browsers, take your pick and enjoy.




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2019 Scale Model Exhibition & Swap ‘n’ Sell Annual Model Show – Sunday April 14!

Where: The Eastwood Centre – 20 Eastwood St, Ballarat Central VIC 3350

When: Sunday April 14, 2019 – 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Entry fees for the 2019 show are:

  • Adults: $5
  • Children: $2
  • Family (2 x Parents/Carers and child): $10 – additional children are free when you buy a family ticket

Showcasing the modelling skills and interests of the MoB’s members and raising funds to help Make-A-Wish. There’ll be:

    • Models galore, and the modellers who built them to talk to, and
    • Vendors selling kits, bits and books.

The MoB is proud to support Make-A-Wish Australia (our fundraising Authority Number: 032310)

For over ten years MoB members have raised funds for Make-A-Wish Australia. As Ballarat’s largest corporate fundraiser for Make-A-Wish our band of merry modellers has raised well over the $10,000 mark through our annual Scale Model Exhibition and Swap ‘n’ Sell show.

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2018 – It’s Show Day!

Sunday 22 April – Ballarat Central – Eastwood Centre.

MoB Annual Show Day, supporting the Make-a-Wish foundation.

All of our monies raised go to supporting this great charity. Come along to see great modelling and for the chance to win some lovely prizes too in the raffle.

See what you’re missing out on:

Great vendor support too with lots of lovely plastic on offer. See you there.


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April meeting and site updates

It is that time again. This Saturday we’ll be meeting at the home of the MoB – the Eastwood Centre – Central Ballarat.

In addition I’ve finished uploading the 2018 newsletters, including the current one if you have not received a copy from our Editor.

I expect to see you there on Saturday, and hope to retrieve my hat from the hatnapper, and not have to hand over a million dollars.

Otherwise, I’ll be adding a page for the collection of said Millions of dollars for the freedom of my hat. See you there.


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Panzer III – Owners’ Workshop Manual (7/10)

Originally published on my reading blog. Of interest to those on the MoB list.

A Library Companion

For the modeller and historian this book will provide great appeal. However, there are some issues with the photos and captions in the book that left me often perplexed and sometimes stumped.

That aside though, there is a wealth of detail for the modeller especially with highly detailed photos of this particular WW2 panzer.

The history of its development, deployment and upgrade, including timelines for upgrades and changes, make this a worthwhile purchase to those interested specifically in modelling the tank. The history included covers the political and army maneuverings as well as the industrial angle of the development.

In all a thoroughly interesting and highly readable, accessible and useful book.

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