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MoB Meetings cancelled (due to COVID-19 issues)

MoB Meetings cancelled (due to COVID-19 issues)

Mark Pilbeam, our Club President, sent the following email (today) to all club members but wanted to make sure that the information in the email was available for all who subscribe to this website and Facebook group page.

Mark wrote:

Sean has just found out that the ELC is now closed indefinitely as a precaution against COVID-19 transmission.  ELC will review the situation on April 13. This means no venue is available for our next meeting or any subsequent meetings until the pandemic subsides and the ELC can safely be re-opened. We will be informed of developments. I guess this means we will have to self-isolate in our sheds until further notice. 

Below is a scan of the notification sent (as a PDF) to the club and other organisations served by the Eastwood Leisure Centre:

For the moment we’ll need to become an online club (as will many others in the same situation).

To assist in continuing the caring and sharing If:

  • You have an article, history item, how-to or other modelling content that you’d like posted on the site, that will last for all time, make you famous, and see you lauded in the annals of modelling history, we’re more than happy to post it here on the site. Get in touch using our contact page. This will ensure that your email gets to me directly.
  • You’d like to share your work and photos on the Facebook page (link below in the Resources section) and you are a member of the group, then post away.


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MoB Newsletter for March uploaded.


THe MoB newsletter for March has been uploaded and is now available for download. Use the menus to get the PDF download.

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2020 MoB Model Show Postponed (due to COVID-19)

2020 MoB Model Show Postponed (due to COVID-19)

Thanks to the many people who’ve asked about the club’s Model Show and Buy, Swap and Sell event for 2020. Due the current COVID-19 epidemic and the likelihood of greater restrictions on events we have decided to hold the show until later in the year.

Mark Pilbeam, MoB Club President said today: “I’ve had a lot of feedback about the show and the consensus is that we postpone in view of the COVID-19 epidemic. Many modellers will not risk attending so let’s see if it can be staged a bit later when the panic is over.

For the moment, we’ll be working with our partners at the Eastwood Leisure Centre, and vendors to stage the show once the COVID-19 epidemic has passed. As soon as we have more information on a future date we’ll post it here and on the Facebook group.

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Newsletters uploads up to date

MoB is on again this Saturday night and to ensure that we have all of the current newsletters available I’ve uploaded all 2019 issues up to September 2019.

See you Saturday night.



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2019 newsletters uploaded

Hi all;

Doing some long overdue maintenance to the site and I’ve uploaded the current 2019 newsletters to the site.

Members can now access February, March and April newsletters by:

  1. Hovering your mouse pointer over the NEWSLETTER heading (at the top the page),
  2. Scrolling down to 2019 at the bottom of the list and clicking your mouse,
  3. Entering your secret squirrel password (using your secret agent decoder ring), and
  4. Clicking on the issue link that you’d like to read or download

As always our newsletters are provided in PDF format so you’ll need a reader to open the files. There are many, including those included in the better browsers, take your pick and enjoy.




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April meeting and site updates

It is that time again. This Saturday we’ll be meeting at the home of the MoB – the Eastwood Centre – Central Ballarat.

In addition I’ve finished uploading the 2018 newsletters, including the current one if you have not received a copy from our Editor.

I expect to see you there on Saturday, and hope to retrieve my hat from the hatnapper, and not have to hand over a million dollars.

Otherwise, I’ll be adding a page for the collection of said Millions of dollars for the freedom of my hat. See you there.


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Newsletter uploads, annual show flyer and first 2018 meeting

It is a new year, and the first MoB meeting is on this Saturday 3rd February 2018. Hard to believe that one twelfth of the new year is gone.

I’ve been very committed to work and have had little time to do updates to the site (my bad).

However, today I uploaded the last of the 2017 newsletters, and the first 2018 newsletter. Additionally I’m in the process of updating the annual show information for the upcoming April show. So keep an eye out for that too.

All the best and I’ll see you at the club meeting tomorrow night.


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September Monthly meeting – this Saturday Sept 2

You guessed it, that time of the month again. Time for a MoBster meeting at the new location, Eastwood Centre in Ballarat Central.

Same bat time, and same bat channel.

See you there.

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