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MoB Newsletter for March uploaded.


THe MoB newsletter for March has been uploaded and is now available for download. Use the menus to get the PDF download.

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2020 MoB Model Show Postponed (due to COVID-19)

2020 MoB Model Show Postponed (due to COVID-19)

Thanks to the many people who’ve asked about the club’s Model Show and Buy, Swap and Sell event for 2020. Due the current COVID-19 epidemic and the likelihood of greater restrictions on events we have decided to hold the show until later in the year.

Mark Pilbeam, MoB Club President said today: “I’ve had a lot of feedback about the show and the consensus is that we postpone in view of the COVID-19 epidemic. Many modellers will not risk attending so let’s see if it can be staged a bit later when the panic is over.

For the moment, we’ll be working with our partners at the Eastwood Leisure Centre, and vendors to stage the show once the COVID-19 epidemic has passed. As soon as we have more information on a future date we’ll post it here and on the Facebook group.

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It’s MoB time – the first for 2020!!

Once again it’s MoB time.

Saturday night, same place as always. Same time.



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Mobile browser problem – solved? You tell me!

So I thought that I had already fixed this issue two years ago…

Zim emailed me (somewhat recently) regarding issues when browsing the site from his mobile. Not as in (Bat)mobile, rather a handheld phone of said type.

Almost all of the wordpress themes have a mobile friendly setting in them and I remember testing this before we moved to our current theme. However, something had changed. When I checked today I found the issue (the mobile friendly setting it was turned off). I remedied that just now and the site is now working checked from my phone.

Would those of you who check the MoB site from your phones please confirm this update is working for you on your phone (either Android or Apple) by checking it out for me?

The fancy graphics are gone but you should get a list of posts, that you can click on. The menu works and is in the top left of the screen.

Much appreciated. And you can contact me by leaving a reply to the post at the bottom of the page. That will come through and I’ll get a copy in email.

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Site Update – 30 January 2020 – Newsletter Uploads

Newsletter uploads are now back up to date…

I’ve uploaded three newsletters (in PDF format) for:

  • November 2019
  • December 2019, and
  • February 2020

In addition I’ve updated or added the newsletter pages for:

  • 2019 – added November and December links to the PDF download, and
  • 2020 – added page and link to the February newsletter

They’re ready for download and your reading pleasure.

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Site update – 05 October 2019 – Newsletter uploads and it MoB time again.


Quick note to remind you that

  1. October’s MoB meeting is on this weekend, 05/10/2019. Same bat time, same bat channel.
  2. the newsletter has been uploaded to the site too (we’ve reached Issue 220 of Modelmaker. That’s quite a result for our club). A well done to all involved.

See you tonight.


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Newsletters uploads up to date

MoB is on again this Saturday night and to ensure that we have all of the current newsletters available I’ve uploaded all 2019 issues up to September 2019.

See you Saturday night.



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2019 newsletters uploaded

Hi all;

Doing some long overdue maintenance to the site and I’ve uploaded the current 2019 newsletters to the site.

Members can now access February, March and April newsletters by:

  1. Hovering your mouse pointer over the NEWSLETTER heading (at the top the page),
  2. Scrolling down to 2019 at the bottom of the list and clicking your mouse,
  3. Entering your secret squirrel password (using your secret agent decoder ring), and
  4. Clicking on the issue link that you’d like to read or download

As always our newsletters are provided in PDF format so you’ll need a reader to open the files. There are many, including those included in the better browsers, take your pick and enjoy.




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