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Modelling Battle Damage

Modelling Battle Damage

Click the image to head back to the reference site

Recently while tooling around the internet looking for something else I came upon this outstanding conversion made to a Fine Molds 1/72nd scale X-Wing from the Star Wars universe.

While the work on the open panels is brilliant, what really caught my eye was the battle damage done to the lower left X wing. Which you’ll find if you head over to the referring website – or click on the image to the left.

And while the work is outstanding, the modeller who came up with the means to create the battle damage, from the Turkish chapter of the IPMS has a great pictorial post about how they created the original of the battle damage on another Fine Molds kit.

If you don’t speak Turkish, you are forgiven as I don’t either, but I got a masterclass in making broken bits of space and aircraft.So well worth taking a look at and learning from.

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