August Newsletter now online

Issue 185 of the club newsletter “Model Maker’ is now uploaded on the MoB site.


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Monthly Meeting and the MoB Facebook group

Monthly Meeting

The August meeting is coming up fast. This Saturday night from 7.30 PM you can visit with us over at the Kohinoor Centre in Errard St in Ballarat.

The MoB Facebook group

Dom has set up a Facebook group page for us all to use. Good one Dominic! Visit the Facebook page and join the group. Click this link to go to the Facebook page. Once there join up and we’ll add you to the group. Then start sharing!

See you all on Saturday night.

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Site updates and an issue with Google Maps

Google Maps Issue

Image 1: Google Maps Problem

I’ve noticed, over the last couple of days, some issues with our map that should be appearing on the sidebar of the MoB site. You can see that at left in Image 1. Beware Technical Content – My research puts the issue squarely on using the WordPress hosting service. Because we are sharing access to Google along with other users hosted on the same server, occasionally we may lose access because other sites (as well as us) will exceed Google’s per day access limits. There is not much that the MoB technical team can do about this at the moment – at least not directly. To work around the issue however, we’ll be putting in place a static map on the About page over the next couple of days. In the meantime bear with us while we put this work around in place.  

Site updates

I’ve updated the About page today (03/08/2016) to reflect the current club office bearers. Updates of office bearers occur with publication of the August newsletter each year.

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July Model Maker is online

The club newsletter is online and ready for you to download.

Don’t forget that the monthly meeting on this week too. See this earlier post about that.

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July Meeting this Saturday (July 02 2016)

This month is the Annual General Meeting of the MoB. If, like me, you forgot to pay and update your membership last month these must be paid before the AGM to vote or stand for office. After the AGM, there’ll be the usual club business, bluster and modelling talk. Come along and take part in the business of the club and support your local Sheriff.

Don’t forget to visit the club’s Facebook page (thanks Dominic Mishka for setting that up) to see what is going on during the month.

Visitors are always welcome at our meetings. Bring along whatever you are working on, or nothing at all, and enjoy the company of the group.

Note that the Kohinoor Community Centre is at the corner of Sebastopol Street and Errard Street in Ballarat – check the map on the right side of the page for further instructions.



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Modelling Battle Damage

Modelling Battle Damage

Click the image to head back to the reference site

Recently while tooling around the internet looking for something else I came upon this outstanding conversion made to a Fine Molds 1/72nd scale X-Wing from the Star Wars universe.

While the work on the open panels is brilliant, what really caught my eye was the battle damage done to the lower left X wing. Which you’ll find if you head over to the referring website – or click on the image to the left.

And while the work is outstanding, the modeller who came up with the means to create the battle damage, from the Turkish chapter of the IPMS has a great pictorial post about how they created the original of the battle damage on another Fine Molds kit.

If you don’t speak Turkish, you are forgiven as I don’t either, but I got a masterclass in making broken bits of space and aircraft.So well worth taking a look at and learning from.

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PDF download section added to the “articles’ menu

PDF download section added to the “articles’ menu

We’re beginning to add downloadable PDF files of specific newsletter articles to the website.

You’ll find them all on one page at the moment. To find it on the menu look at the ARTICLES menu item, and then track down the drop-down menus to the PDF Downloads page.

Currently they are all on one page, separated by Author. In the future as we add more I’ll split them up into separate author pages.

All downloads are free to download; copyright remains in the hands of the original author.

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