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The June MoB meeting is on this Saturday – June 4th

It’s that time again funsters. It’s MoB time once more.

This saturday evening, in the freezing Ballarat cold, we’ll be meeting once more from about 7:30 PM until around 9:30 PM and sharing some Styrene therapy among those gathered there.

Bring a model, finished or in-progress and share with us what you’ve got on the workbench.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


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May meeting this Saturday

You will watch my watch! You are getting sleepy, but not too sleepy!

Listen closely: It’s that time again; to meet and greet and deal with plastic. You will be there. You will enjoy. You will now bark like a chicken!

When I snap my fingers you will wake up and find yourself at the MoB meeting this Saturday night.

See you on Saturday night. 7:30 PM. Map below right.

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It’s meeting time again!

April meeting

The MoB Meets this Saturday evening. It is the last meeting before the show.

7.30 PM same place as usual.

April newsletter published

The April newsletter is now online also. Use the menu to reach the page, and use the password top gain access. Remember this is for club members only.

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Where did all that time go?

It’s the first Saturday in March, and you know what that means right?

It’s MoB time once again. So tonight, at or about the hour of 7.30PM you ought to make your way over to the Koohinor Centre and join us for a little modelling, blustering, and the usual stuff that goes on in the MoB meetings. An important night tonight as we close in on the annual show. So get there if you can.

Additionally the newsletter is now online.

See you tonight.


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Wake up MoBsters – It’s February!

It’s MoB time again trend setters

It is that time at the beginning of the year, when plastic modellers stir from the summer slumber and begin to move about and come to MoB meetings.

Accordingly this Saturday evening, during the twilight hours, at or shortly after 19:30 hours (7.30 PM for those not into 24 hour times) your presence is duly requested to attend the modelling club in the semi arid scrub (which pretty much describes Ballarat and District at the moment).

So put on your best modelling clothes, and head over to the Kohinoor Community Centre at the corner Street and Errard Street in Ballarat.

February Newsletter is online too!

If you’ve not already gotten it from Leigh, the newsletter is online and available for download.

See you on Saturday night.

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The MoB monthly meeting is on again this Saturday 2 May 2015

The monthly MoB meeting is on this Saturday night, at the same Bat time, and the same Bat channel.

We’ll have lots of models available for you to check out, and there’ll be the follow-up from the annual show to get through as well. It is very important for all members to be present so we can get old business closed off and planning for the next show sorted out, and under way.

See you at 7:30 PM (that’s 19:30 hours for all you military time keepers).

Be there or be square.

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The MoB monthly meeting is on again this Saturday

The November 2014 meeting of the Modellers of Ballarat is on again this Saturday night at the Koohinor Centre, at the corner of Sebastopol Street and Errard Street, Ballarat VIC 3350. If you look on the lower right part of the web page we’ve even put in a map for you.

Start time is 7:30 PM for an almost on time 8:00 PM start and all are welcome. Especially those who may have never been to a club before.

We are not one of “those” clubs who judge each others work with a critical eye. We’re simply a bunch of people with a love of modelling that want to share our love of the craft with others. Once a year we get all the models out and raise money for charity.

So if you can come along this Saturday night, and have never been before drop in and say Hello, or Hoorooh, or whatever your informal choice of greeting is. We’ll be happy to see you.

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