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July Meeting this Saturday (July 02 2016)

This month is the Annual General Meeting of the MoB. If, like me, you forgot to pay and update your membership last month these must be paid before the AGM to vote or stand for office. After the AGM, there’ll be the usual club business, bluster and modelling talk. Come along and take part in the business of the club and support your local Sheriff.

Don’t forget to visit the club’s Facebook page (thanks Dominic Mishka for setting that up) to see what is going on during the month.

Visitors are always welcome at our meetings. Bring along whatever you are working on, or nothing at all, and enjoy the company of the group.

Note that the Kohinoor Community Centre is at the corner of Sebastopol Street and Errard Street in Ballarat – check the map on the right side of the page for further instructions.



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The MoB’s invaded FaceSpace!

Dominic has led the charge to overthrow the evil Lord Zurg… sorry, that’s a story for another day and the subject of another post.

Dominic has however, opened a MoB page on the Facebook section of the interweb. For those of you interested joining us on Facebook head on over and sign up for the group. Keep in mind that you need to be a member of Facebook first before you can sign up.

The page has been open for about a month now and we have around 20 members of the group and quite a few photos by folks out of Ballarat. If you get a chance head on over and check it out. We’ll be pushing all of our updates now to Facebook. So keep an eye out for them.


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The November newsletter is now online

November’s newsletter is online

The MoB newsletter is online for November 2015. You can find it under the newsletter tab from the menu at the top of the page.

We need more articles

But we really need some content. It looks like the Prof has run out of articles, even of Mach 2 kits. It is a crisis. It is time to get writing all. Let’s give the Prof a Christmas present, a stocking full of articles that he can pop in for December’s issue and for the first few months of next year.

I am as guilty as anyone else. I’ll be writing earnestly to give some weight to the newsletter. I hope you’ll help out too.

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The MoB monthly meeting is on again this Saturday 2 May 2015

The monthly MoB meeting is on this Saturday night, at the same Bat time, and the same Bat channel.

We’ll have lots of models available for you to check out, and there’ll be the follow-up from the annual show to get through as well. It is very important for all members to be present so we can get old business closed off and planning for the next show sorted out, and under way.

See you at 7:30 PM (that’s 19:30 hours for all you military time keepers).

Be there or be square.

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Annual Show Photos

Annual Show Photos

I’ve just put up some photos from the 2012 MoB show. You can find that page directly by clicking the link : Link to 2012 show photos.

As always you can get there by choosing Image Galleries on the main menu, choosing Annual shows and then choosing the year.

We are however missing many years. So if you have photos from a previous show would you let me know at the next club meeting. I can have a USB key ready for you take home and fill up with all those lovely electrons. I get a tingle just thinking about free electrons.

Concerning? Yup.

Talk to you later on.

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The MoB monthly meeting is on again this Saturday

The November 2014 meeting of the Modellers of Ballarat is on again this Saturday night at the Koohinor Centre, at the corner of Sebastopol Street and Errard Street, Ballarat VIC 3350. If you look on the lower right part of the web page we’ve even put in a map for you.

Start time is 7:30 PM for an almost on time 8:00 PM start and all are welcome. Especially those who may have never been to a club before.

We are not one of “those” clubs who judge each others work with a critical eye. We’re simply a bunch of people with a love of modelling that want to share our love of the craft with others. Once a year we get all the models out and raise money for charity.

So if you can come along this Saturday night, and have never been before drop in and say Hello, or Hoorooh, or whatever your informal choice of greeting is. We’ll be happy to see you.

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The MOBs AGM and July meeting – July 5th

The next Modellers of Ballarat July meeting is on this Saturday evening the 5th of July at 7:30 PM.

July is AGM Time for the MoB!
Believe it or not, it’s time for the annual MoB election. For years past the election has been more or less a formalitywith the same oldmodellers and tired being returned to their places on the committee. Even the old Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party saw more turnover than our club has had of late. But perhaps there was more at stake in that committee than there is in ours.

Only financial members can vote so if you haven’t re-enlisted don’t forget to bring along your membership fee so you can take part in our annual act of democracy. See you there on Saturday night!

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