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2019 newsletters uploaded

Hi all;

Doing some long overdue maintenance to the site and I’ve uploaded the current 2019 newsletters to the site.

Members can now access February, March and April newsletters by:

  1. Hovering your mouse pointer over the NEWSLETTER heading (at the top the page),
  2. Scrolling down to 2019 at the bottom of the list and clicking your mouse,
  3. Entering your secret squirrel password (using your secret agent decoder ring), and
  4. Clicking on the issue link that you’d like to read or download

As always our newsletters are provided in PDF format so you’ll need a reader to open the files. There are many, including those included in the better browsers, take your pick and enjoy.




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PDF download section added to the “articles’ menu

PDF download section added to the “articles’ menu

We’re beginning to add downloadable PDF files of specific newsletter articles to the website.

You’ll find them all on one page at the moment. To find it on the menu look at the ARTICLES menu item, and then track down the drop-down menus to the PDF Downloads page.

Currently they are all on one page, separated by Author. In the future as we add more I’ll split them up into separate author pages.

All downloads are free to download; copyright remains in the hands of the original author.

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The November newsletter is now online

November’s newsletter is online

The MoB newsletter is online for November 2015. You can find it under the newsletter tab from the menu at the top of the page.

We need more articles

But we really need some content. It looks like the Prof has run out of articles, even of Mach 2 kits. It is a crisis. It is time to get writing all. Let’s give the Prof a Christmas present, a stocking full of articles that he can pop in for December’s issue and for the first few months of next year.

I am as guilty as anyone else. I’ll be writing earnestly to give some weight to the newsletter. I hope you’ll help out too.

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Updating Athearn Blue Box Railbox XAF 10 cars

Originally posted on the Hunter Valley Lines blog

Andrew's Trains

 Part 1 – No plan survives first contact with the enemyThe basic blue box car

It has been some time since I’ve had the funds or the time really to do much of anything in the modelling realm.

I’ve simply not had the funds to bring a lot of the work I’ve had underway forward to completion. Thanks to the Taxman and a payout due to being laid off, I’ve been able to order some extra parts to complete most of my Railbox cars.

The most important of all of the parts has been a set of Microscale decals.

i ordered these from Microscale in the US and very quickly in the post I received 3 packets of Microscale (87-1291) HO scale RBOX & ABOX decals. Microscale’s service was fast and excellent after ordering directly from their website. They decal two cars of each type and come with all of the car data you need for the…

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