PDF Downloads

PDF Downloads

The club offers some of our newsletter articles as separate PDF downloads to visitors of our website. Please note the following before downloading:

  • All PDF documents are Copyright of the listed author.
  • These documents are NOT in the public domain.
  • Articles are not to be used commercially (in whole, or in part) without the express permission of the author except as allowed under Australian Copyright law.

PDFs as listed by Author last name.

Edmonds, Leigh

  1. My Boeing 747 Project (Part 1)
  2. My Boeing 747 Project (Part 2)
  3. Making the Airspeed Ambassador in 1/144

Parmenter, Matt (The Admiral)

  1. The Birdcage Corsair – Tamiya’s Bent winged bird
  2. Paying respect to a very brave Man
  3. H.M.S. Roberts – A Royal Navy 15 inch Gun Monitor
  4. A Modern Fairy story – Flower Class Corvette

Pilbeam, Mark

  1. Krautprojekt 1/14 – Academy’s 1/48 Messerschmitt 109 K-4
  2. Krautprojekt 2/14 – 1/32nd Heinz Knoke’s Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-1
  3. Krautprojekt 1/15 – 1/72nd Arado 232 Tausendfüßler using Mach 2 and Airmodel kits
  4. Krautprojekt 2/15 – Escape to Denmark – 1/72nd Junkers Ju 352 Herkules using Mach 2 and Airmodel kits
  5. Krautprojekt 3/15 – Mach 2 Dornier Do 26
  6. Krautprojekt 4/15 – Mach2 Heinkel He114

Zimmer, Gary

  1. A Day at the Beach – Churchill Tanks
  2. Gun, Heavy, Motorized, 280mm, M65 – a.k.a. Atomic Annie
  3. Hunting down Heller
  4. Striving but never reaching – Sdkfz251/7 Halftrack
  5. The Modelling Hall of Shame
  6. Welcome to Finland

In the future we’ll add more files. Let us know if you enjoy the articles by using the contact form below.






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